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A blog is a website that is updated on a regular bases by an individual or group. It contains personal opinions, observations, images, and links to other sites. Best BBQ Blog is a blog where people with the same passion can share comments, experiences, images, videos, training methods, recipes, restaurant destinations, and other links for similar acquisitions.


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Image received through Wikimedia Commons (August 2008)

The top reason for blogging is marketing. However, their are other advantages for using blogs such as: ability to share thoughts and ideas, update and create posts, socializing with people of similar interests, access to other blogs and bloggers, training tool, feedback, and income.

Disadvantages and things to consider when using blogs are: everything you post will be seen and read (be cautious of what you post), people can leave negative or inappropriate comments, may contain inaccurate information,  it can be time consuming(have to constantly update, posts, and reply to comments).

Image received through Wikimedia Commons (January 2012)

This blog can be used as a training tool for knowledge creation and enhancement by building a community of people who share the same passion for BBQ’s. Best BBQ blog is a way for people to connect and share recipes  The Baron’s Steak Seasoning recipe , images, and videos of their best practices on a grill. Someone who is starting off on a grill at home can become an expert through experiences we share. Best BBQ Blog also allows the community to contribute opinions of  favorite BBQ restaurants, great destinations for BBQ food, competition sites , or simply show off their own methods to the world.

The importance of blogs and blog content is to have relative information about what you want your audience to read, share Blog, and learn. Providing useful links The Hog Blog , and other sources for information about the subject  so people can have several options to make a decision on what to do and provide feedback on your blog.

New bloggers should post blogs that grasp the attention of the readers. You can do this by providing eye catching images, professional comments and information Barbecue Master, sharing videos that are can be useful to the audience, asking questions, providing feedback, even explanations through audio or video such as Ballistic BBQ in YouTube.


The Baron’s Steak Seasoning recipe is a blog by BBQ Addicts which has several blog pages. The information is relevant although most posts are from December of 2015, comments date back to January of 2016.

BBQ Junkie has eye popping images that make you hungry instantly. The posts and comments I saw are the most recent April 28, 2016. It also offers links to BBQ joints and recipes.

HowToBBQRight.comBlog has a lot of information including videos, detailed recipes, and competition sites. Although one of the most abundant in information it has very few comments. Time of posting date back to January of 2016.

The Hog Blog has eye catching web designs on their blog site, and tasty images. But traffic does not seem to flow because the latest post or comment was made in November of 2015.

Barbecue Master was a fairly easy site to follow. It has information about recipes and sauces with several other blog sites to follow. The posts and comments are fairly current, February 2016, but needs more updates.

Ballistic BBQ is not a blog site. This is just a video from YouTube that shows how to start a charcoal as a tip for my readers and as a form of how  visuals can be used in a blog.


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